Herb-Infused Stress Cookie

Boosts Mood

Enhances Relaxation

Improves Sleep Quality


  • All-Natural, Hand-Made, Organic, Healthy & Delicious
  • 10-grams of Whey Protein, Anti-Inflammatory Fats, & Healthy Probiotic Carbs
  • Slightly Sweet & Slightly Salty (just right when you’re stressed)


Proprietary blend of 4 research-proven ingredients that each address a different aspect of stress:


Theanine (psychological stress) - a unique amino acid naturally found in green tea leaves. Theanine reduces the beta brain waves associated with tension/anxiety - and increases the alpha brain waves associated with relaxed alertness and calm focus.


New Zealand Pine Bark Extract (physiological stress) - contains OPCs (oligomeric proanthycyanins), that protect the body and brain from inflammatory and oxidative stress - improving both mental performance (of the brain) and physical performance (of the body).


Japanese Asparagus Extract (cellular/environmental stress) - a novel amino acid profile stimulates the production of anti-stress compounds called heat-shock proteins (HSPs) that improve the body’s stress resilience at the cellular level.


Corn Grass Extract (sleep deprivation stress) - contains high levels of MBOA, a non-drowsy melatonin-like phytonutrient that improves mood during the day and dramatically enhances sleep quality at night.