Drink Tea...   Eat Cookies...   Feel Great!!!

Great-Tasting Herb-infused Cookies & Tea to Reduce Stress & Increase Vigor


Vigor is defined as "a balanced 3-tiered mood state characterized by ample physical energy, focused mental acuity, and balanced emotional well-being"


In Western research, Vigor is the opposite of "Burnout" and is similar to the concept of "Qi" in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or "Prana" in Indian (Ayurvedic) traditional medicine ("energy" or "life force")

Drink Tea...

Focused Alertness...(Get More Done)!

  • Liquid Motivation
  • Natural Nootropics (brain efficiency)
  • Brain Ergogenics (brain power)

Eat Cookies...

Relaxed Calmness...(Less Stress/Tension)

  • High Protein (10g)
  • High Fiber (5g)
  • "Smart" Prebiotic Carbs
  • Healthy Fats
  • Stress-Balancing Herbs

feel great!!!

Balanced Well-Being...(Research-Proven)

  • -41% Negative Mood State
    •      (stress, tension, irritability, anxiety)
  • +100% Positive Mood State
    •      (energy, focus, mood, well-being)
  • +40% Sleep Quality
    •      (REM/deep/total sleep)

Data presented at Annual Scientific Conferences of:

International Society for Sports Nutrition (June 2013)

American College of Nutrition (Nov 2015)
American College of Sports Medicine (June 2016)